OUCH! That sort of didn’t hurt.

22 Sep

To say a lot has happened since my last post would be the understatement of the century.  At least as far as I’m concerned.  One month ago, almost to the day, I decided to enter the Little Miami Triathlon in OH with my sister, Kim.  We planned out and began our training regimen with determination and focus. 

With great detail, my sister who is a personal trainer, mapped out how, when, and what I would do each day leading up to the tri to get physically ready.  Whew!!!

This particular tri consists of a 6 mile kayak; 5.5 mile run and an 18 mile bike ride.  The only part that worries me is the running part.  Running and me have never been friends.  In fact, up until recently, we’ve hated each other.  I wouldn’t consider running to the mailbox to retrieve a check let alone running any type of marathon (not even a “mini” one).  Let me put it this way, if being chased by a crazed lunatic with a butcher knife, I would probably find a way to argue my way out of being carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey than to run for my life.  😛

Everything was moving along smoothly.  I was making surprising progress with the running part, which was pretty, well……surprising.  My goal is to run the whole thing without stopping.  Might be reaching a bit with this one considering my lack of endurance, but what can I say, I’m a BIG goal setter.  What the heck!  What have I got to lose? 

That all changed Saturday, September 10th.  Talk about having the rug pulled out from under me.  Something happened that I never in a million years saw coming, which is usually how it goes.  My sister and I planned a “training day” up in her neck of the woods.  Since I had never been kayaking before, we thought it was important that I not wait for the tri to find out what it’s like.  So…..we planned to kayak 6 miles after biking.  I was also going to try out a bike that I would be using for the tri.  Couldn’t use Melissa’s mountain bike for race day.  That would be like biking 28 miles instead of the 18.  Definitely had to go the “road” bike route.

So there we were at the kayak place where there is also a bike path.  It was Kim, me, and 3 of Kim’s friends.  I should have had an idea that things wouldn’t end well when I noticed that the pedals on this particular bike had straps.  I had never used foot straps before, but…..no time like the present to try them out, right?

Everything was going along just fine.  One mile, two miles, three, four, five, six… oh wait a minute, let’s go back to mile 5.  We realized that it was time to head back to the kayak place to make our start time.  We approached our turn around spot, or at least I tried to, when it happened. 

I was going about 1mph (okay, I was practically stopped).  I took my right foot out of the foot strap thingy like I had been practicing all along when the bike (yes, this is all the bike’s fault) decided to tilt to the left.  Well, guess where my left foot was….in the DANG foot strap thingy.  All I can say is my mental and physical selves were all twisted together.  Nothing was gettin through that mess in that moment and down I went.

As I’m plunging toward the pavement I try desperately to free my foot…. with no success.  The only thing I managed to do was twist my foot even tighter in the foot strap thingy.  The visual that comes to mind for me is watching a toddler try to take off a pair of pants.  You know how instead of pulling the pants free from their feet they yank their knee way up into the air while their foot is still stuck in the pants (are you picturing this)?  Okay, that was me yanking wildly to free my foot as I’m going down.  Preedy!

Okay, back to my plunge.  The first thing to hit the ground was my left knee; then the palm of my left hand; then I rolled to my back and I banged my head.  Now, you’d think that at a time like this I would be screaming “OUCH!  THAT FREAKIN HURT!” or “HELP”  Nope!  Being a girl and a prideful one at that, I was more concerned if anyone saw my “graceful” fall.  I even layed there and laughed when I really wanted to cry.  I mean crap, if I’m going to fall couldn’t it have been this impressive “ass over elbows” tumble that looked like I narrowly escaped with my life?  NO!!  Mine was literally a tip-over

My poor sister saw the whole thing and came running over, “Oh my gosh!  Are you okay?”  At this point I’m still impatiently trying to free my foot.  I’m laying there with the bike on top of me, my foot is still stuck in the foot strap thingy and I’m trying to break free.  Only now my leg is bent and my “stuck” foot is jammed up “you know where.”  Talk about feeling helpless and in a vulnerable position!  Some dude came by on his bike just then and asked if I was alright……”yes, thank you.”  UGH!!!  I’m just grateful he wasn’t going by right when I fell just to run over me.  

Okay, so now I’m free and up on my feet when I feel a funny feeling at my elbow on my left arm.  I look at it and notice a purplish swollen spot forming…small, but there.  It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as my knee (or pride) so I just chocked it up to be nothing.

We get on our bikes and off we went to get on the water.  Other than a few whispered “ouches” and rubbing my arm every now and then, I really didn’t think too much about it…..hmmm. 

A funny sidebar story….on the bike path we passed a cute little bar tucked out-of-the-way.  Some patrons were sitting out on the deck enjoying a cold one and a tightly rolled one.  As we pass the “joint” we noticed a familiar smell in the air (ssssnniiiffffffff).  Yup, it was weed.  That distinguishable smell that is like no other smell that we have all smelled before. 😀

Of course, as we pass by enjoying the scenic beauty of the area, we take in a few deep breaths.  Oh, like you wouldn’t!!!  It amazes me how the “smell” of something can stop you dead in your tracks and take you back to a specific memory…such as, the smell of our first boyfriend’s cologne (Polo), just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies, and…..smokin I mean “sniffing” weed. 

Okay, back once again to my story, kayaking was super fun.  I loved it!  My arm hardly crossed my mind.  We finished and loaded up and headed out to get a bite to eat.  Maybe it was because my physical activity stopped, but after our burger and nachos, I became “painfully” aware that something was definitely wrong.  I could barely lift or bend my arm.

In conclusion, I got home, went to the hospital, found out my arm was fractured, thought there was no way for me to do the tri, dropped out of the tri only to say “Screw It!  I’m doin it anyway”, one week later 😀

I mean really, what does any girl do after she’s unknowingly broken her arm?  She kayaks 6 miles, of course!  HaHa

I have to thank my awesome family for taking such great care of me.  I felt so loved and cared for.  You guys are the best!  Joe, thank you for taking care of everything I could possibly need xoxoxo.  Chris, thank you for insisting to take me to the hospital yourself because dad wasn’t home yet and requesting prayers through fb; Sarah, Melissa and Ryan, thank you for wanting to do whatever you could to help me get around.

Doing stuff with one hand is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  My biggest obstacle was trying to reach for the toilet paper.  Who woulda thought? 😛

Next post……my experience at the triathlon…with pictures!!


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